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Update 2-26-08



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Update 2-26-08

Yes yes, still working on The Mines and they are still comeing along slowly, now at about 80% done. But on other news;

I did a little work on Map 3 of The Rebel. I had Daz unzip a ep2 map so I could figure out how they did their roads. Turnes out they used displacments. So now with that in mind I did a little experimentation, and I'm happy to say the driveing maps in The Rebel will be a much smoother ride, well, the parts where zombies throw rocks at your car wont be very smooth but the parts where your driveing around on the road will be.

I also have Andy working on planting trees in that map so it will be much more of a forest then a large empty hilly area. All in all map 3 is about 20 - 30% done. Andy has a lot of stuff to do so hopefully he will make progress but if not its understandable.

Back to the mines for a short time. It's come to my attention that building a puzzle is a puzzle in it's self, the more dificult the puzzle the harder to build it. All in all building the puzzle is at least 10 times harder then solveing the puzzle. And let me tell you, this puzzle I'm building is takeing forever. and its really complecated, hard to rap my brain around it.



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Re: Update 2-26-08

Sounds fun!

Can't wait dude!
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