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Lighting won't compile



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Lighting won't compile

Hello guys,
I am currently trying to create a map called gm_sand. In its finished state it is meant to be a sizable roleplay map with large buildings and an open hilly area made of displacements.
The problem I've had about 99% of my compiles is that the light_environment won't compile. I have made sure the displacements are not touching the edge of the map, there is a 'NODRAW' texture under the displacements, and I have fixed every problem and patched every leak hammer can recognize. Still NOTHING. I believe this has hindered me before and it has hurt my development as a mapper, causing me to quit mid-project going on to never complete a large project.

Additional details: I am running hammer through a windows gadget that works the same as if you ran it from Source engine. I used the base config for Counter Strike but I added couple fgd's, including garry's mod.
I have gotten the light_environment to work twice, the last time I got it to work it broke again when I moved it.
If anyone can help me with this map I would GREATLY appreciate it! I will provide screenshots and possibly a download of the map if you would like to open it in vmex. Thank you! :t3biggrin:



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Re: Lighting won't compile

do you have a compile log?

always try the trial and error technique of compiling the map in parts till one part will not compile
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