Post Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:12 pm

anyone fancy adding props and textures for me :)

basically im remaking fan O war into cs:go
and it seems to take me forever to decide on a prop. you have to have flurecents due tot he lighting ect. ( i still need to fix the lighting not as smooth as tf2)
all the little details like making a room look functional adding a decent texture

what i have left to do other than the above. is to add a second stage to the random walls, so you don't break a leg as oftern, and double the random rate. and find something for the center to be i'm thinking a way onto the top ring or a bomb target

anyone fancy doing a bit of logical prob adding let me know :) layout wont change just the functionality so can send vmf simply.

i have gone against adding massive made by signs everywhare, and shall add a simple room invisible to everyone but those who search
plan is arms race of demilition ro somthing still undecided
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