Post Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:33 pm

Kinda sad.

So here is a sad little story about Seagate.

I've been working on a computer for a friend. One of the things that might be wrong with it is I thought the hard drive might be failing. I found out there were free programs online that you could use to test how your hard drive is doing but I decided I should back the hard drive up before I did a test like that. Doesn't seem like the kinda thing that would kill a drive, but since it seems to basically be stress testing it as well, it would be better to back it up if it was going bad.
I hooked up my fresh Western Digital hard drive to backup files off the other hard drive, then I proceeded to install an OS on the old drive and begin testing it.

The hard drive tester program I picked out was made by seagate. It's called seatools for Windows.
When I opened it up, it detected and labeled my Western Digital hard drive as 'WD'
But it labeled the old hard drive as "--------"

The sad part about this, the old drive is a Seagate.